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Community Connections Board of Directors


Brenda Brooks   Jayne Johnson Amanda White
Jeff Eastma



 Ryan Purdy
Dwight Livingston
Ellie McClymont
Stuart Simpson

Diann Sorensen
Bruce Piercy 



Substance Abuse Leadership Council

  • Ashley Allen
  • Sally Brecks
  • Mahaila Botts
  • Vikki Carlson
  • Will Cleveland
  • Todd Engleman
  • Rich Hoaglund
  • Jerome Kramer
  • Nickie Kroon
  • Sandee Kroon
  • Austin Leighty
  • Linda Logsdon
  • Lynn Williams
  • Dan Newton
  • Dan O'Neill
  • Judy O'Neill
  • Kim Riley
  • Jennifer Schlager
  • Kathy Seacrest
  • Shannon Sell
  • Jeff Steinbeck
  • Greg Vandenberg
  • Michelle McFarland

Tobacco Free Lincoln County Coalition

  • Lora Bevington
  • Sandee Kroon
  • Judy Pederson
  • Marlo Roberts
  • Russ Poe
  • Rachel Stahr
  • Shannon Sell
  • Angela Brown
  • Brett Joneson
  • Beth DeFreeze

Mentoring Advisory Board

  • Virginia Huffman
  • Jennifer Schlager
  • Kay Weiss
  • Ann Rouch
  • Ellie McClymont
  • Kara Dike
  • Matt Irish
  • Jeremiah Johnson