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Partnering for Positive Change: Selfie Contest!


Partnering for Positive Change: Selfie Contest!

George Haws

The goal of our “Partnering for Positive Change” fundraiser is to raise a mile's worth of quarters in a year’s time. That's $15,840

Take a selfie of you putting your change in one of our piggy banks around town. Submit your selfie and you will be entered into a drawing for a prize! Look for the piggies on counters where you shop!

The money will support our Substance Abuse Prevention program, working to reduce underage drinking, drunk driving, prescription drug abuse, marijuana use, etc. The money is important, because the Drug Free Communities grant that we have been operating under, will no longer be available after next year.

The piggy banks, and other support, are being donated by NebraskaLand National Bank.

Community Connections Substance Abuse Prevention System’s primary focus is to keep youth and families safe from the consequences of substance abuse through education, advocacy, and various programs. 

Partner with us for Positive Change